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Attraqua Specific Baits

Attraqua’s baits are perhaps the most advanced on the market. Hundreds of hours with experimenting in aquaria, conducted by some of the world’s foremost experts, have provided us with knowledge about which substances are the most effective.

By using specific materials that stimulate the scent and taste senses of various fish species, our baits will in many cases be more effective than natural baits.

We make baits which endure being taken on a fishing trip without decomposing, crawling away or dying. You can always be assured that you have an effective bait in your rucksack, even after a week on a trip.

For the fish the scent sense is important in order to localize foodstuffs over a certain distance; the taste sense is important close by. By untangling chemical substances one by one and testing these for each fish species, it has been possible to determine the chemical preferences for each species.


  • Cut off a suitable piece with a knife or with scissors. If you pinch or squeeze the bait, the “skin” can be damaged and it may not stay on the hook.
  • Tread the bait on the hook so that it cover most of the hook stem. A loose end too long may cause the bait to break.
  • During fishing the bait will release attracting substances so that the efficiency will decline after 20 – 30 minutes. We have caught fish with bait in the water for several hours, but with less attracting effect.


Attraqua’s products are designed to withstand storing at room temperature over long periods of time. As with everything else that is edible we do recommend storage in darkness and cool when possible.